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The Dutch training Centre provides al lot of instructie videos

The Dutch training Centre provides al lot of instructie videos - FESI – European Federation of Associations of Insulation Contractors

The Dutch training- and Development fund OOI publishes since March 2021 an interesting package of instruction videos, training schemes and other information. With their Learning Management Tool, OOI can deliver this content easlly to the insulation sector. Employers and employees can also be supported with HRM-facilities in this tool for planning of trainings with progress recording.

Denmark has nice videos about insulation training

For inspiration….!

Heard FESI was talking about making videos related to RTC.
In Denmark we have also made a couple of films, which you are welcome to have a look at.

They are of course in Danish, but I'm sure you'll understand the content anyway.

Med venlig hilsen / Best regards

Anders Vestergaard

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From Norway

KIS – Korrosjons, isolerings- og stillasentreprenørenes forening in Norway, made a video of a young girl who is currently training and she is telling about why she likes the job, and why she thinks others should choose this trade. The video is in Norwegian.

The Netherlands opened their new training center

The Dutch fund for Training & Development for the Insulation sector OOI opened a new training facility in Woerden in the Netherland. In this video an impression.

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