1. Promote the interests of insulation contractors in member associations.
  2. Improve FESI's recognition and acceptance as a professional association by energy consumers and other principal customers and clients, European and national legislative and standardization bodies and administrations, building contractors.
  3. Enhance FESI's publicity through publication activities as well as through the participation and cooperation in appropriate European fora, seminars and congresses.
  4. Establish FESI's "opinion leadership" in all technical matters related to thermal and cold insulation and acoustic protection, both in buildings and in building equipment and industrial installations.
  5. Improve European cooperation between the national member associations of FESI.
  6. Enhance training standards by the development of minimum training levels / core competencies and thereby improve the comparability of proficiency levels throughout the European Union.
Mission - FESI – European Federation of Associations of Insulation Contractors

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