Dr. Rudolf Jürcke elected as new president for FESI

Dr. Rudolf Jürcke elected as new president for FESI

Dr. Rudolf Jürcke elected as new president for FESI FESI – European Federation of Associations of Insulation Contractors

1 June 2020

Dr. Rudolf Jürcke was elected and formally appointed at the General Assembly of the FESI-members in Spring 2020 as the new FESI president.

Last 20 years Dr. Jürcke was working for large contractors in maintenance and insulation as MD, COO and CEO.

FESI is the relevant European roof-platform for the insulation contractors, representing 19 national associations and supporting technical development and training standards. FESI also acts as an interface to global manufacturers, distributers, asset owners and engineers.

Insulation itself is one of the most cost efficient ways to save energy and to reduce CO2-emission. EU-requirements for the building industry already consider this, but for the process and product industry clear legal conditions are still missing.

Together with the national associations and partner organization this fact should be positioned in all climate discussions and to EU politicians, which targeted the CO2 emission to a net zero level in 2050. FESI will therefore increase their network and the external co-operation in this context.

Beside the above, Dr. Jürcke expresses his wish for an internal reformation course regarding efficiency and communication and to obtain more external support for the association.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions 2 major activities of FESI had to be postponed to 2021, the 50t anniversary celebration and the traditional championship tournament of insulation teams. Although personal contacts are currently reduced, internal projects and work continue on a good level, which is also necessary to be even better positioned in the future.

If you like to address any question, comment or request to our new president, please contact him via: rudolf.juercke@fesi.eu

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