19 September 2023 - FESI European Championship 2023

Feuchtwangen Germany will be the place were the FESI Championship for Insulation workers will take place. More info:... read more »

FESI Autumn Meeting - FESI – European Federation of Associations of Insulation Contractors

22 September 2023 - FESI Autumn Meeting

Following up the FESI Championship events, the FESI autumn meeting will take plasje on the Friday after, als in Feuchtwangen. Our hosts are the German... read more »

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Thank you Sponsors!

The Championship is almost here! In the past few weeks, we have been introducing our Sponsors via our LinkedIn page. Once again we want to thank all the sponsors for supporting the 2023 Insulation Championship. Without the support of our sponsors, we would not have been able to organise this all. The support of all the companies has shown us how supportive everyone in the insulation industry is. Together we will make this a great event! We are looking forward to meeting everyone at the Champi... read more »

The Championship Program is ready

The championship Program is officially ready. The program can be viewed on the website. In this file you can find the following information: - The planned Program - Information about the area - Information about accommodation possibilities... read more »

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